A new boundary-less, extra high speed, more reliable and stable cloud experience.

Scalable structure

(1) SSD solid state drives

(2) Upgradable component design – CPU, RAM, bandwidth, cloud disk to be upgraded on demand


Innovative design in safety and stability

(1) Cache, Precipitation and backup, 3 tier storage architecture, achieving data security up to 99.999% and high availability of 99.99%

(2) Free anti DDoS up to 20G (peak level at 300G).  Against CC (ChallengeCollapsar) attack.


Intranet Connectivity

RTD less than 30ms, 0% packet loss.


Why LinkChina Cloud?

30 times rebate (if fault caused by LinkChina), 5 days non-arguable refund, websites pre-registration is not required, multiple BGP establishments available, &824 NOC support.