Linkchina’s international server hosting, can effectively reduce maintenance costs and equipment investment, line rental and other high costs. Linkchina’s International T3 level data center, with perfect room facilities, self-built fiber network, a unique core backbone network to ensure high-quality network environment and rich bandwidth resources, while access to a unified system management platform, Easy to make the system safe, reliable, stable and efficient operation.

      The hosting servers are Hongkong, Shenzhen, Jiangsu, Dongguan, Hunan and so on .

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IDC technical support

Intimate service, special reception, responsible for connection debugging

565daa5cf92f656ea116e7613281ae557*24 hoursFor free
Professional maintenance mechanism565daa5cf92f656ea116e7613281ae557*24 hoursFor free
Website filing service565daa5cf92f656ea116e7613281ae555*8 hoursFor free
Restart service565daa5cf92f656ea116e7613281ae557*24 hoursFor free

System management service


System advantage

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Free 5G Flow protection
565daa5cf92f656ea116e7613281ae557*24 hoursFor free
Data security assurance565daa5cf92f656ea116e7613281ae555*8 hoursFor free
Free troubleshooting565daa5cf92f656ea116e7613281ae557*24 hoursFor free
Convenient and high quality network serviceT3+ Computer room facilities, network security and stability565daa5cf92f656ea116e7613281ae557*24 hoursFor free
First level Telecom backbone network access, network connectivity rate as high as 99.99%565daa5cf92f656ea116e7613281ae557*24 hoursFor free
Professional Internet security team565daa5cf92f656ea116e7613281ae555*8 hoursFor free
Free network traffic report565daa5cf92f656ea116e7613281ae557*24 hoursFor free
Senior technical operations team servicesAll weather maintenance engineer team565daa5cf92f656ea116e7613281ae557*24 hoursFor free
Monitoring management565daa5cf92f656ea116e7613281ae557*24 hoursFor free
Senior service level565daa5cf92f656ea116e7613281ae555*8 hoursFor free